Marketing Initiatives For Small Businesses

I recently completed a marketing campaign for a small business in Cape Town, in fact a hardware store in the CBD of Cape Town. A reliable, personable “bricks and mortar” store where regulars frequent and customer service is their number one priority. This particular store has been around for almost 30 years and has never had to “market” itself per say, it prides itself on its steadfastness and reliability to its patrons. My thinking was Read more…

Integrated Marketing At Its Best

Marketing for small to medium businesses by using an integrated marketing approach Capture your audience by using the below tips for your marketing strategy: 1. Make sure that your objectives are very clearly defined: List your objectives. eg. increase sales of a specific printer cartridge or a range of cartridges and define the specific time-frame for your marketing promotion. If your time frame is over a quarter, you might want to define more than one Read more…

Tips for an Effective CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is essential for every business. Your customers’¬† information is captured in the CRM and enables you to track their interactions with your business.¬† Here are some tips for effective CRM systems. Always update customer information Make sure that the data you capture is up to date, correct and complies with best industry practices eg. protection of personal information laws. Use past purchasing behaviour to upsell to your customers¬† This concept Read more…

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